Full-Motion Video On eInk Screen

I guess I would have been more impressed if it had been an actual YouTube video with people. As it is, without seeing the original animation, it’s difficult to really tell what’s going on there — aside from all the ghosting. It makes the animation look like it was done in pencil — which is why I need to see the original.

I suppose some owners of the rooted Nook Touch would like to see a YouTube video now and then, except there’s one problem with that: There’s no speaker in the Nook Touch! And no headphone jack.



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5 responses to “Full-Motion Video On eInk Screen

  1. I’m following this user; how did I miss this video? Damn Youtube.

    • mikecane

      Hahahaha! YouTube bit YOU in the ass too. I HATE them. Their subscription service makes it too damn easy to miss things!

  2. Neat. It has that spooky experimental feel of early 20th century cartoons.

    The YouTube embed seems to be broken on iPhone btw. When I clicked play from the Twitter browser, YouTube did not open automatically; I just got a black screen. Same in mobile Safari; I had to click the logo to “watch on YouTube” for it to play.

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