Free Google Books Downloads Work Again

For several days, Google Books has been experiencing a problem: Free Google Books Ends Downloads.

As of 9PM EDST on Tuesday, March 13, that problem seems to be fixed.

I can confirm what these Commenters report:

Mine are all working now, although with one of them I had to try twice in succession before it worked.


Works for me now – checked after getting an email from someone at Google saying it had been resolved. Now to download everything I think I might possibly ever need…

I downloaded my usual test PDF as well as two random ones and they all came down intact and in full. I confirmed it by looking at them in a PDF-reading app.

Now go get all those books that you’ve put off before they’re gone for real!



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2 responses to “Free Google Books Downloads Work Again

  1. Owen Berio

    This recent problem of downloading public domain books from Google should serve as a warning. A great asset would be a list of additional sites where public domain books could easily downloaded in their entirety and without cost.

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