Another Rooted Nook Touch Fast Refresh Video

When history records the failure of Barnes & Noble, will anyone notice that it was their refusal to embrace the rooting community that ultimately led to their downfall?

If Kobo ever wised up and made the Kobo Touch into an eInk Android tablet, one that didn’t require rooting, and incorporated the above hack in Settings and the UI, they would crater Nook Touch sales to people who buy it to make it a tablet. Don’t forget, the Kindle would become an app on such a device, also weakening Amazon hardware sales and its overall market domination.

Previously here:

eInk Refresh Hack Makes Nook Touch Real Tablet
B&N Nook Touch Rooting Category



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4 responses to “Another Rooted Nook Touch Fast Refresh Video

  1. AP

    You may be failing to appreciate that the nook is sold at a loss and the money is made on book sales, so allowing the Kindle app on the nook means forfeiting the revenue in favor of Amazon. Since most people only look at sticker price, the lock in strategy is right now the winning one, look at the Fire or any subsidized phone on the market. Free razor, expensive blades, cheap printers, highway robbery inks. The same story again and again.

  2. AP

    By the way, look for the nook app in the Amazon appstore. Why should B&N support their competitor’s?

    • mikecane

      I don’t use the Amazon App Store and I’ve learned that search there is twitchy. I just went there and searched for “nook” and didn’t see B&N’s app. However, searching for “epub” showed a slew of apps, including Kobo’s — which is a direct competitor. Are you saying Amazon is blocking a Nook app or B&N refuses to submit one?

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