TV: Dirk Gently, Episode One

I never read the original Douglas Adams book. I think I tried once, but failed. So I’m coming to this as it is.

One of the characters in the episode speaks for the audience when dealing with Gently, calling him an “annoying prick.”

And he is.

Although this is supposed to be Sherlock-like, Mangan’s performance lacks the depth of Cumberbatch’s Holmes. It’s difficult to see any intellectual dimension to him. He comes off as a shallow, annoying prick — who is possibly straight-out insane too.

Is that what Douglas Adams intended in the book?

Otherwise, the script is actually breathtakingly brilliant — it’s by Howard Overman, who also did Misfits — with marvelous direction too. And Darren Boyd, who starred in Spy (which you should rush to Hulu to see), is always wonderful.

So, yeah, try to see this. But beware of the annoying prick — who is very annoying.

I’ll see the next one to decide if I’ll continue.


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