Open-Source Segway-Like Scooters

The German electronics magazine, Elektor [English], did these.

This one is intended for indoors and can be bought for US$1,200:

Elektor OSPV: an Open Source People Vehicle project

But before this one, they created one for outdoors.

And this one seems to be a DIY project:

Wheelie GT

Here’s an interview with the creator (in German):

Previously here:

The Chinese Do A Better Segway


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One response to “Open-Source Segway-Like Scooters

  1. Good to see these Segway posts. The dominance of the automobile probably overshadowed personal transportation.

    Segways are fun. But I prefer the idea of human power.

    Skateboards and scooters, for example, are great, also for fitness (travel A to B and be fit without thinking about it). But not much is done.

    Cycles are OK. But you wanna carry your transport with a strap on your back (jump on a bus, train, or subway) like you can with skateboards, but not many adults use them, so little development in terms of A to B transportation.

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