Blackberry Playbook Ha-Ha!

Taken this morning at Best Buy, after I’d already handled the iPad 3.

There is no way that’s worth $499 compared to an iPad 3. It’s now a $99 tablet.

And the Kindle Fire is worth $49.


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4 responses to “Blackberry Playbook Ha-Ha!

  1. Kevin

    The playbook is only $199 if you know where to get it (radio Shack,, etc). So I agree the $499 price tag if ridiculous.

    Now with that said i dont see the huge excitement over the ipad 3. Better resolution, better camera (playbook already has tyis), HD output (again playbook already has this). These improvements are not shocking or really that exciting.

    I enjoy my ipad2, but I don’t see that the 3 is worth dumping my ipad2 and running out to buy the ipad 3.

    For the record, I also enjoy my playbook.

    • mikecane

      Have you *seen* an iPad 3? Until you have, I’d reserve comment on how you expect to be affected by it. It’s *that* much of a change.

  2. Dan O'Leary

    I Looked at the iPad 3, and handled it, and saw nothing that would make me spend that amount of cash. Sorry, I buy on value, not on hype.

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