Microsoft’s Vision Brought To Us By Apple

I keep having to trot out this video. It seems people tend to forget the excitement it caused and that once upon a time — 2006 — Microsoft understood there would be a post-PC era.

Go look at this and tell me that it isn’t just about an extended iPad promo!

That’s computing as an appliance — what the iPad has given us.

Microsoft had the vision. But in typical Microsoft complexification fashion, they blew it.

And really, that guy taking a photo with a cellphone? How last century! He’d just pick up his new iPad (3) and snap!


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4 responses to “Microsoft’s Vision Brought To Us By Apple

  1. Kimbo

    Yes Microsoft is copying Apples vision of 1995 and later but they did pretty good to actually understand Apple’s concepts well enough to make a video of them. Too bad Microsoft doesn’t have the vision or creativity to do something of their own in the real world with real products. Even when they buy a promising or successful product they fuck it up before it can go to market. I guess the company having been founded on theft and deceit was destined to always be the same.

  2. Christopher

    You might be wrong on this. The Apple’s Knowledge Navigator Video is even way earlier than this.

    • mikecane

      No, the Knowledge Navigator video generally shows people sitting with computers, with only one pair of children out in the field collecting data for a science class. That is not the highly-connected *mobile* world shown in the MS video for Project Origami. MS’s video is closer to the iPad vision than Apple’s own video.

  3. People in the video kept pulling their tablets out of the bags; pulling my Galaxy Nexus out of my pocket is alot more convenient.

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