Now Apple Has “Batterygate”?

People Are Having Trouble Charging Their New iPads

The issue stands up to basic common sense: If the new iPad has the same battery life as the older models, but needs a 70 percent larger battery to achieve that, it’s got to suck more juice. Maybe more than the old charger can put out. And while it might be questionable to have a mobile product that doesn’t charge when connected to some computers, it’s outright dumb to ship the iPad with a wall charger that can’t keep up with its power needs. As one MacRumors commenter notes: “The Air uses a charger that is 4 times larger for a battery of near equal size.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

LiOn batteries are tricky beasts. Aside from sometimes exploding, they can get so hot that they can catch on fire. I don’t need to link to all the past reports. Just ask Sony, for one. And, if I recall correctly, Dell and HP too. All experienced battery problems.

And now this.

So, will Apple have to upgrade the charger? It will be interesting to see what happens here.

As for the heating issue, that’s real. I noted it in my own fondle of the iPad. I wasn’t playing any hardcore games on it, either. I was using the web a little bit and mostly doing PDF tests. In the time I used the new iPad, I never had an iPad 2 get warm at all — even with far longer sessions at an Apple Store.

So, yeah, I’d say there’s a battery issue of some sort going on here.

It could be battery supplier problem it could be a battery installation problem. Apple will sort it out.

However, that line about the Air having a near-identical battery and a charger four times the size of an iPad — it really is hard to argue with the laws of physics like that.

And, personally, I will never let a device or a battery by itself recharge overnight. I don’t want to risk waking up to the screeching of a smoke alarm.

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