We’ll Always Have Print. No. Wait. We Won’t!

The print fetishists are getting another kick in the butt from The Future.

Marvel “Greatly Reduces” Newsstand Distribution

I now understand that Marvel is all but withdrawing from newsstand distribution. The phase is a “greatly reduced” newsstand service and I’ve heard from some comic stores who use the newsstand distribution system for some stock that there are no Marvels coming in to them at all.

I’m told that newsstand accounts no longer being serviced by older methods are being turned into direct market Diamond accounts with Marvel’s assistance and any account looking to order comics can contact Diamond.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.


Digital is being seen more and more as a way to recruit readers. The newsstand, what with the increasing copies required to be printed for each and every reducing sale, is becoming more and more expensive for publishers.

And Marvel has just left the building…

Expect this to accelerate. Really, the new iPad’s Retina Display is just as good as premium-quality printed comics. Who wants to deal with print when there is a real substitute now?

And if you’re skeptical about that claim, just click on this Retina Display-ready page from a digital Marvel Comic:

Click = big

Of course, there’s no real way to convince you how good it is without it being seen on the new iPad. So run off to an Apple Store or other dealer and call up this post to see firsthand.

And a reminder: Disney owns Marvel Comics. And Steve Jobs was the largest private shareholder in Disney.


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3 responses to “We’ll Always Have Print. No. Wait. We Won’t!

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  2. Jimmy Lee Shreeve

    But won’t there be a dispossed class who can’t hope to buy an iPad or Kindle? Personally, I’d like to have seen Kindles free and you buy the books. With print you don’t have to pay for a player. iPads do loads of things so I guess it’s different.

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