PDFs For Free

Update December 10, 2013: There is an updated version. Click here for it.

Note that some of these will be scans of zines once in print — that’s history! All of these are legitimately free. No piracy. And all of these links lead to a website where you will find the download link. Direct-download links tend to mess people up.

Note: Some layouts are double-page, requiring landscape mode to view
PDF-Mags.com — list of art and design magazines
fanart magazine — gorgeous illustrations by fans
Pandemia fanzine — Spanish
Destructed — art magazine
Burlesque fanzine — Spanish
Drexter magazine — art & culture
Vektorika magazine — Vector Graphic Design
REVOLUTIONART International Magazine — graphic arts, videos, music, modeling, and world trends
FF3300 — art, design
Woosta magazine — artists
Five To Nine magazine — art, design
VIZIOMAG — art, design
Veer catalog — yep, a catalog; try it.
BEAST magazine — 2001-2002, design, typog­ra­phy, art, illus­tra­tion, pho­tog­ra­phy
DIF magazine — Portugal, design, photography
Multilink magazine — design, art
BATTERIEnext magazine — design; look carefully for PDFs
Picame magazine — 2008-2011 design, choose PDF version (others are Flash)
GizMag — art, design, interviews
Castle magazine — design, illustration
bedifferent magazine — design
Kromag — design, interviews
Brain Zone magazine — art, illustration
Scrapture magazine — Japan, design, photography
TXTnein magazine — art, photography
Phase magazine — art, design
Blur magazine — photography
Salissures — international street art, graffiti
Linked magazine — Spanish, art
Visual Streets magazine — street art, graffiti
Font magazine — typography and design
And I Still Miss You — photography, illustration
pict*re magazine – photography
ARTiSTiK magazine — art and design
Develop 3D — product design and development, registration required for free PDFs
aahsome magazine — “A platform for the indie Indian, showcasing creativity in different forms”
bitFUUL magazine — art and photography
Proteus magazine — art, design, photography
Daheim magazine — 2005-2010, art, photography
Design&Life magazine — art, design, photography
VernissageTV magazine — art, photography
Natural Selection magazine — art
Variant magazine — arts and culture, from Scotland
Render Out! magazine — Spanish, 3D character modeling for film and more
CG Chosen Robots magazine #6 — free sample
CG Chosen Environments magazine #5 — free sample
The Most Beautiful CG Girls magazine #2– free sample
CG Chosen Monsters & Creatures magazine #4 — free sample
Trash magazine — street art, graffiti
Pornofritti magazine — street art, graffiti
RideTheBeast — street art, graffiti; PDF starts with issue 4
Ursonate Fanzine — Spanish, art, music, culture
Yuck ‘n Yum — illustration, text
On|Off fanzine — fashion, photography
Foto DNG — Spanish, photography, photographic hardware and software

Crimetime — crime fiction magazine, free PDFs start with issue 51
Deadly Pleasures — mystery fanzine, issue 54 is free

Fantastic Fanzine 11 1970 — print scan, link inside text at end
The Collector 28 1973 — print scan,link inside text at end
Charlton Bullseye 4, 5: 1976 — print scan,link inside text at end
Anomaly 4: November 1972 — print scan, link inside text at end
Phantacea 1977 — print scan, link inside text at end
Infinity 2 1970 — print scan, link inside text at end
Anomaly 1 1969 — print scan, link inside text at end
Phase 1971 — print scan, link inside text at end
Spasm 1973 — print scan, link inside text at end
Fan Spectacular 1981 — print scan, link inside text at end
Hot Stuf’ 1 Summer 1974 — print scan, link inside text at end
Abyss 1 — print scan, link inside text at end
Mindworks 1 1974 — print scan, link inside text at end
Venture 5 1976 — print scan, link inside text at end
Jim Steranko Portfolio 1970 — print scan, link inside text at end
Reality 2 1971 — print scan, link inside text at end
Epitaph 1 1975 — print scan, link inside text at end
Anomaly 3 1971 — print scan, link inside text at end
Voice of Comicdom 17 1971 — print scan, link inside text at end
CPL 11 1974 — print scan, link inside text at end
Always Comes Twilight 1 1976 — print scan, link inside text at end
Comic Crusader 10 1970 — print scan, link inside text at end
Fantastic Fanzine 12 1970 — print scan, link inside text at end
Nimbus 3 Sept 1977 — print scan, link inside text at end
Seraphim 5 1970 — print scan, link inside text at end
The Star Slayers — print scan, link inside text at end
Infinity 5 Summer 1973 — print scan, link inside text at end
Comic-Con Annual — comics fandom
KarmaComics fanzine — Spanish, fan-produced comics
Boule de Gomme fanzine — French, fan-produced comics; gorgeous stuff
Nova — Portuguese, from Brazil, comic book
SPACE Anthology fanzine — 2010, 2011, 2012 issues available, fan-made comics

Games – Screen
360Zine — Xbox 360 fanzine, free sub available
PS3Zine — PlayStation 3 fanzine, free sub available
PCGZine — PC games fanzine, free sub available
MMOZine — mass multiplayer game online fanzine, free sub available
League of FansLeague of Legends fanzine
Paradox — video game fanzine published from 1992 to 1996
exp. minus infinity — games fanzine
Digital Press — videogames fanzine
ReVival — English, from France, homebrew on retro consoles, sample issue available
Games Tribune — Spanish, gorgeous magazine, click on cover for download link on next screen (“Revista Games Tribune número ## sin comprimir”)

Games – Role-Playing
TrollZine fanzine — Tunnels & Trolls RPG (issues one, two, three, four)
Various PDFs for the Talislanta RPG
Tamar, 4th Edition Unofficial FanzineTalislanta RPG
Third Imperium fanzineTraveller RPG, print scans
d6 Magazine — Open D6 RPG fanzine
Warp Rift — magazine for Battlefleet Gothic
Into the Deep — Traveler RPG fanzine
OD&DITIES — original Dungeons and Dragons fanzine
Chronopia World — various Chronopia fanzines

L-Ektrica fanzine — music, English and Italian versions
Sonic Death fanzine
It’s Alive! fanzine — UK music and arts
Heavy Metal PT fanzine — Portuguese
Adrenalin fanzine — heavy metal rock, PDFs of print zine are free
List of classic Metal print fanzines — scanned PDFs
Rockin’ Bones fanzine issues 1-7 – The Cramps band, print scans
A variety of UK punk rock print scan zines
Dirt fanzine 1978 — punk rock print scans
CMS ProductionsChristian Musician and Worship Musician magazines (hit Current Issues button)
Documentation of the Music Underground, Before the Internet — PDFs of musician interviews
KC-INFO — punk rock fanzine
Rhodeways/Terra Incognita — the Happy Rhodes fanzine, 1994-1998
Archive of 1990s Rave zines
The Burning Up Times — Stranglers band fanzine
Punks Is Hippies — print scans, 1980s punk rock fanzines
Fan the Fire magazine — music, games, style
THE MICK — from “the longest-running Goth and Post-Punk writer in the world”
United Reggae magazine — Reggae worldwide
Eartrip magazine — jazz, improvised music and the outer reaches
EleKtrogene fanzine — French, electronic music
Riot on the Rocks — rock music fanzine
Beastiemania — scroll down for Blister Fanzine, print scan of 1981 fanzine
Indecent Exposures Fanzine — print scan, early Canadian punk rock fanzine
Fanatico Fanzine — German, pop, punk, bubblegum, rock music
Schizo Fanzine — DIY punk rock fanzine
Bristol Archive Records — print scans, various music fanzines
The Spooks Book — fanzine of The Spooks band
Vox — 1980-1983, print scans, punk, electronic and progressive music, underground poets, performance artists and fringe entities
Garage — music, issue one, two, three, four, five, six

SF/F (print/movie/TV)
eFanzines.com: science fiction fanzines on-line — huge list with browse by cover
Plotka fanzine — SF, issue 26 begins PDF version
Infinite Frontiers: Star Trek fanzine PDFs
The Eyepiece fanzineDoctor Who
Fish Fingers and CustardDoctor Who fanzine
The HubTorchwood fanzine
Wibbly Wobbly Timey WimeyDoctor Who fanzine
Time Space Visualiser (TSV)Doctor Who fanzine
WhotopiaDoctor Who fanzine
Myth Makers: RetrospectiveDoctor Who fanfic previously published between 1991 and 2001
Peon — print scans, published 1948 through 1957
Leer — print scans, published 1956 or 1957
Argentus — Hugo-nonimated fanzine
The Collins MausoleumDark Shadows fanzine
File 770 — fanzine, issue 159
eFNAC — fanzine
Futurian Observer — print scans, Australian fanzine, 1940-1942
Chunga — fanzine
Critical Wave — the European SF&F Review
The Drink Tank — fanzine
Prolapse and Relapse — fanzine
SFcrowsnest — fanzine
Southern Enclave — prints scans, Star Wars 1984-2000 letterzine
Steampunk Magazine — steampunk!
Planetary Stories — four issues of pulp magazine available
Some Fantastic — fanzine
Boldly Gone — print scans of three 1970s Star Trek zines, two of which are erotic
The Tides of Time — Oxford University Doctor Who Society

TAL (Tiocfaidh Ar La) fanzine — Celtic football, back issues in PDF
Under The Boardwalk — the original FC United of Manchester fanzine, sold-out print issues are free as PDFs
REDNews — free sample of Manchester United fanzine
Fossa Dei Leoni — Italian, print scan, fanzine for Associazione Calcio Milan football team
Leeds United Fanzines — print scans

Jehovah’s Witnesses — various PDFs
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — various PDFs

Yipe! fanzine — costumes, cosplay
Public Collectors — list of different topic PDFs, some of historic value
The Pulp Magazines Project — print scans of various pulp magazines
Scooter-Forums — three odd miscellany (music?) fanzines
Re:Porter — Canada, Porter Airlines magazine
Spike magazine — 600 pages, interviews, features And reviews
The Invisible College — New Age
Annals of Improbable Research magazine — lo-res PDFs are free
Ovi magazine — 2004-2010, politics, news
Indie Travel Podcast Travel Magazine — travel
LEDs Magazine — by email, lighting technology
Agricultural Research Magazine — farming, from the USDA
Five Dials magazine — content varies
RC Soaring Digest — radio-controlled model flying
Coastal Services — bimonthly magazine for the nation’s coastal resource managers, from the NOAA
Connection Magazine — New Age, health
Virginia Tech magazine — the school
Federations magazine — what’s new in federalism worldwide
Rails magazine — Ruby on Rails programming
Findings magazine — general medical science, National Institute of General Medical Services
Traditional Roofing Magazine — home improvement, with other roof-related PDFs
Direct Action magazine — 1996-2009, worker and political activism, Solidarity Federation, UK
The Proto Labs Journal — product prototyping, rapid injection molding and CNC machining
Stanford Business magazine — each issue has a free PDF, click cover for link, from Stanford University
Lumpen magazine — a few issues are free PDFs
Carolina Public Health magazine — health, from U of NC
Anarchist Voices magazine — politics, anarchism
GP Week — motor racing
Convergence — magazine of engineering and the sciences at UC Santa Barbara, click covers for download link
Focus newsletter — from the Institute for Research on Poverty
Feminist Africa — Africa, feminist political studies journal
International Alliance of Women — text newsletter
Society for the Study of American Women Writers newsletter — twice each year
New Moon Girls magazine — free sample issue
How to Publish a Fanzine — Mike Gunderloy of Factsheet Five fame
Commodore Free — fanzine for Commodore Computer owners
LeXo fanzine — French, by a lesbian in Algeria
LA 13/14 fanzine — Spanish, various subjects
Fallopian Falafel — Jewish feminist zine, in English, a few issues are free
Firemail and It’s Just This Little Chromium Switch Here — Firesign Theater fanzine
Four-Alarm FIRESIGNal — Firesign Theater fanzine
Firezine — Firesign Theater fanzine
Fanzines Plus — collection of erotic Star Trek (K/S) and Wiseguy fan fiction
Westerns… All’Italiana! — spaghetti western fanzine

National Academies Press — free PDFs (see press release)

MartView — uses an app to view massaged free PDFs. See library.
Issuu — many PDF magazines and fanzines I didn’t list here because they are available there, registration required
Liga Fanzine — Brazil, Portuguese-language fanzines


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6 responses to “PDFs For Free

  1. Francisco d'Anconia

    reference to a STUPID post you had in Sept of 2010:
    “What Ayn Rand’s D’anconia Copper Is REALLY Like

    Inside a toxic hellhole, Iron Mountain Mine

    A company called Mountain Copper established a 4,400-acre mine in the 1890s and began to supply sulfuric acid to refineries in the Bay Area. It became the largest copper mine in California by the turn of the century, and a small city of laborers lived on the mountain. Twenty cavities the size of office buildings were drilled into the rock.

    This fits the description of Ayn Rand’s D’anconia Copper from her book Atlas Shrugged to a T.”

    – Had you actually read the book, you’d know that doesn’t describe d’Anconia Copper ‘to a T’ at all. Get your facts straight before you decide to spout random bullshit

  2. Thanks for the link, and for putting together this resource!
    Matthew Kilburn, for Tides of Time

  3. Very useful list of PDFs. Just got the new iPad and I am actively seeking PDF publications. Thanks a lot for your effort.

    I’m sorry to be able to contribute only 1 link. It is a spanish monthly magazine about video games called game tribune:

    It is a bit tricky to get to the PDF version of each issue. Look for the link with the following text:
    “Revista Games Tribune número XX sin comprimir”

    • mikecane

      That looks good, but I can’t see the “comprimur” (complementary? free?) link at all.

      OK, I see it now. People have to click on an individual cover for the expanded description. Excellent. Thanks!

      I’ve also added it to the list. That is a gorgeous magazine.

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