Rumored Kindle Fire With Retina Display?

Oh, the rumor mill keeps churning up phantom new Kindle Fire tablets. The latest and most interesting one is this: Amazon Kindle Fire 2 to launch three models

The larger 8.9-inch Amazon Kindle Fire 2 is said to pack a full HD (1920 x 1200) display – which is unprecedented for a sub 10-inch tablet (the new iPad aside).

That would be a very significant tablet.

The Display PPI (Pixels Per Inch) Calculator tells why:

Kindle Fire 8.9″: 254.4 pixels per inch
New iPad (3): 263.92 pixels per inch
iPhone 4s: 329.65 pixels per inch

So yeah, that screen would put it in Retina Display territory.

At one time, I was impressed by the NookColor screen (the Nook Tablet is the same). That turns out to be only 169.55 pixels per inch.

And that OLED screened Galaxy Tab 7.7? That’s just 196.03 pixels per inch.

A Retina Display Kindle Fire would be a hell of a thing. Rooters would flock to it. Let’s hope Amazon doesn’t lock it down totally with an encrypted bootloader.

Let’s also hope the rumor is true.

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