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Occupy Wall Street: The Lawsuit, Part Two

In the movie Miracle on 34th Street, there is this classic scene of jurisprudence:

The Judge is buried under a mountain of proof declaring Defendant Kris Kringle is Santa Claus.

I bring up that image as a metaphor of the Federal lawsuit filed by Occupy Wall Street against a variety of State and private Defendants.

If the Judge in this case were to be given every bit of evidence, every bit of proof, of the case against the Defendants — all of the photos, all of the videos, all of the eyewitness accounts, all of the contemporaneous tweets — the Judge would never be able to dig out.

That is how our world has changed due to the Internet.

It is no longer possible for public acts by public — or private — officials to go unnoticed or unpublished.

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This Is What A Corporate Police State Looks Like

A “public”-private partnership to shred the First Amendment and to destroy the ability of the general population to be informed of this treasonous act. That is the sum and essence of it all.

I am up to page 56 of the 149-paged Federal lawsuit Occupy Wall Street has filed against the City of New York, certain employees, and certain private entities.

Up to this point, the facts are incontrovertible and if I was the Judge, I’d be finding for OWS.

I will continue to read to the end for my second post about this lawsuit.

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Occupy Wall Street: The Lawsuit, Part One

I have post after post criticizing Occupy.

But for all the criticisms I’ve had of that movement, I’ve been absolutely disgusted by the jack-booted thug tactics of the NYPD and the blatant rights-trampling by the government towards the dissent expressed by Occupy.

So I’m very, very, very happy to see this lawsuit come to pass!

This is from pastebin:

Elected Officials and Members of the Press File Civil Rights Suit Against NYPD and JP Morgan Chase For Arrests Related to OWS

Federal lawsuit alleges civil rights violated by NYPD and private entities including JP Morgan Chase and Brookfield Properties asks for federal independent monitor

New York, NY. April 30, 2012. Lawyers on behalf of 5 elected officials and over half a dozen members of the press filed a major lawsuit today in federal court alleging the City of New York, the MTA, the New York Police Department, Brookfield Properties, JP Morgan Chase and others are in violation of numerous civil rights, including First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly. The suit seeks redress for police misconduct in arrests made during the “Occupy Wall Street” protests and asks that a federal independent monitor be appointed to oversee the NYPD in order to safeguard the public.

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Microsoft Reduces Nook To An App For $300M

B&N, Microsoft team up on Nook, college businesses

Barnes & Noble Inc. and Microsoft Corp. say they are teaming up to create a new Barnes & Noble subsidiary that will house the digital and college businesses of the bookseller and include a Nook application for Windows 8.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

That’s the key to the investment right there.

Barnes & Noble doesn’t realize it yet, but Microsoft just stole their college textbook business and wiped out the Nook tablets.

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Occupy Wall Street: April 28, 2012

Photos taken today Saturday, April 28, 2012. Resampled and resized to VGA, click any to enlarge.

I try not to approach Wall Street from the same direction every time, so I have some variety in my surroundings.

Today that route brought me this:

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Red Hot Arson Hood

Photos taken Friday, April 27, 2012. Resampled and resized to VGA, click any to enlarge.

What’s not fun on a Friday night?

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This Is Why Civilization Is Dying

Photos taken today Saturday, April 28, 2012. Cropped, resampled and resized to VGA.

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Space Shuttle In NYC April 27, 2012

Yes, I saw it!

I happened to be on the right ferry at the right time.

And I have spectacularly awful photos to share!

There it is! Right between the twin towers of the bridge! Can you see it?

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Occupy Wall Street: April 24, 2012

All photos taken today Tuesday, April 24, 2012. Resized and resampled to VGA, click any to enlarge.

I was in lower Manhattan today, so of course I made at least one pass to see what’s up.

Approaching Wall Street up Broad:

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A Tablet As A Camera? Hell Yeah!

Photo taken today Tuesday, April 24, 2012. Resized and resampled to VGA, click any to enlarge.

I noticed this at the line to take photos of the Wall Street bull this afternoon:

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