Occupy Wall Street: April 7, 2012

All photos taken today Saturday, April 7, 2012. Photos resampled and resized to VGA, click any to enlarge. Photos appear in the order they were taken.

I haven’t been in the area in a few weeks. There have been changes.

At the UFT space where Occupy stored materiel, the windows are now clear of cover:

And, yes, they still have stuff leftover inside.


Even the signs that covered the side windows are gone:

Meanwhile, over at Liberty Plaza:

Only one person was there, a civilian:

All but one NYPD car was gone:

And Brookfield has replanted all of the flower beds:

Although Occupy is primarily at Union Square Park now (a hike I’m not willing to make, subway fare I’m unwilling to spend), it’d be a mistake to think they’ve totally abandoned Liberty Plaza. It’s still used as a staging ground for downtown actions.

Occupy chalking:

Another replanted flower bed:

More Occupy chalking:

The other flower beds:

The NYPD’s Concentration Camp Gun Tower Spy Tower is still active, but all cameras this morning pointed towards the construction entrance.

Suit Man abides:

Burger King View:

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