Samsung’s Galaxy Note Phone Is A Monster Hit

All photos taken today Saturday, April 7, 2012. Photos resampled and resized to VGA, click any to enlarge.

Samsung has gone high-tech in marketing its Galaxy Note phone. No more printed ads, as they had for the original 7″ Galaxy Tab. They’re using the HDTV ad network above NYC subway stations now.

Samsung isn’t kidding when they say this phone is popular as hell.

I have now seen three of them in the wild in the past two weeks — two of them just this morning!

Listen, I don’t live in a high-tech hub. I am exiled on Satan Staten Island. I tend to witness the use of tech at the ferry terminals and on the ferry itself.

The people around me are from The Hood. I’ve seen the phone trends among them. The Sidekick phone, then Crackberries, then iPhone and Android (Samsung and HTC), and now the Galaxy Note is popping.

And this morning I saw two Galaxy Note phones being used. They’re easy to spot. The really stick out because they’re so frikkin ginormous!

I have never seen three of a new phone in so short a time aside from the iPhone.

So Samsung has a huge hit on its hands here if it’s already been taken up in The Hood. The Hood is not middle-class ground-level. The Hood is solid frikkin bedrock. It’s where a lot of our cutting-edge popular culture originates (all that rap you have blasting while you code or drive, it came from The Hood).

I now wonder if the last iPhone was called the 4s for one simple reason: the iPhone 5 will have a five-inch screen.

I don’t know how Apple will pull that off, either. A five-inch screen at the same resolution as the iPhone 4s will drop the pixels per inch from 329.65 to 230.76 (yes, I know Apple says it’s 326 ppi; not according to the calculator I’m using, so cut some slack for a few pixels here and there). That would be a lower ppi than the Galaxy Note, which is 284.8 (at 5.3″). Would Apple care about that?

What if Apple increases the resolution of the screen? OK, I’m not even going there. I’ve gotten enough grief from people who have insisted a 7.85″-screened iPad would be impossible.

All I know is that the Samsung Galaxy Note has hit a nerve with people and it’s selling in The Hood. (No, I could not get pictures as proof. This is The Hood. Some people are averse to having their pictures taken and are very sensitive to the sound of a camera shutter! The first Note I saw about two weeks ago was a guy sitting near me. He got pissed off and changed his seat because I could not stop staring at it!)

I’d really like to see an iPhone with a five-inch screen now.



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2 responses to “Samsung’s Galaxy Note Phone Is A Monster Hit

  1. Will

    I’ve seen 3 people in my building with a note and a few out in public. Half of them have a bluetooth headset instead of holding the phone up to their ear. I think Samsung has something good going for them.

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