Gee, Were The People Right After All?

OK, yesterday I saw my fourth Samsung Galaxy Note in the wild. It was being used by a young woman behind me in line at a supermarket in the Hood! I even asked her if it was a Galaxy Note. She said yes.

Does anyone recall this debacle from just last year?

That’s Jon Rubinstein holding up one of the smallest cellphones ever produced: the webOS HP Veer.

Look at how stupidly tiny it was:

Source: Wired UK

Did it sell? Hell no.


The Veer is a smartphone announced by HP on February 9, 2011. The device uses webOS, is powered by a Snapdragon processor, and has a 2.6-inch screen.[1] The smartphone is notable for its credit card-sized dimensions (and a depth that is comparable to the size of a deck of cards).

Wikipedia again:

The Samsung Galaxy Note is an Android smartphone/tablet computer hybrid (also known as a “plablet”) that was introduced in October 2011. It has attracted attention because of its 5.3-inch screen size – between that of conventional smartphones and tablets – and because of its included stylus.

The tech press basically laughed at the Galaxy Note, while cautiously praising the HP Veer.

I never saw anyone using an HP Veer in the wild.

I have now seen four Galaxy Notes in the wild, in the hands of actual buyers, in the space of two weeks.

For years, Palm Pre users begged Palm for a larger tablet-like phone.

They were ignored.

Palm is dead. webOS phones are dead.

Samsung has a huge hit on its hands.

What Samsung has is called success.

Isn’t that what every business wants?

Gee, were the people right after all?

Previously here:

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Phone Is A Monster Hit



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14 responses to “Gee, Were The People Right After All?

  1. Kyhwana

    Can we get a decent replacement for the HTC Desire Z already then :P I wouldn’t mind a larger screen!

  2. Rich Finck

    I mentioned several times about wanting a Gnote when all the experts were panning it. I wanted one so bad but then it took Sam so long to get it here. My contract was up and the next best option considering my Palm history was an iPhone. Glad I got it, but now waiting to win lottery to get so I can get one of each. Still like idea of stylus so ordered that Neat thing mentioned by Matt on twitter last week. I still check the note on my weekly trips to the mall.

  3. Shock Me

    I like the idea of support in the iOD SDK for a stylus, as long as it is not dependent on a stylus. I’m also thinking the 5″ and 7″ sizes have many use cases. I have no use for one myself as I prefer the maximum amount of interaction surface. But if you have to stand up in your job, lashing an iPad to you wrist isn’t the best option.

    I still think 4″ is the best all around option. It accommodates folks with larger digits and is still small enough to fit in most pockets. I say bring on the stylus, the mouse, and the gamepad to sit in the bag next to the hardware keyboard. Just don’t insist I have to have one.

    • mikecane

      I had a Toshiba GENIO Pocket PC with a 4″ screen. It’s really not enough. I think 5″ is maximum for a mini phone-tablet or “phablet.” Moving past that, it becomes something you carry in a bag, not a shirt pocket or jacket pocket. I have never seen, for instance, anyone pocket a Nook Touch or Kindle Touch. They go in a bag.

  4. James

    A “huge hit”? Maybe. I’m still not convinced that the Note is anything more than a niche product. Apple sold 37 million iPhones in a quarter. That pretty much raises the bar on what’s defined as a huge hit for a phone. Can Samsung sell 10s of millions of these in 2012? If so, then I concede that it is not a niche product.

  5. ViewRoyal

    “I have now seen four Galaxy Notes in the wild”
    “Samsung has a huge hit on its hands.”

    Reality check: 4 Galaxy Notes does not equal “huge hit” in anyone’s books!

  6. bsherm

    To me, this is a key strength of the Android OS. Customer choice. Want a physical keyboard, they have them. Want water-resistant, have them, want a tiny screen like the iPhone, have them. Like something more in the 4″ area, covered. Now you have the Note.

    Call me crazy, but I like choice. Not convinced I would like carrying around the Note as my phone. I also think the Veer form factor could find a market in the Android market.

    • Asus seem to be having having success with their EeePad Transformer. I’ve seen more Transformers out and about than Samsung tablets. And yes, I have one. I *love* the keyboard dock!

  7. I love my Galaxy Nexus

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