Tech Fondle: Barnes & Noble

All photos taken yesterday Thursday, April 12, 2012. Resampled and resized to VGA; click any to enlarge.

So I went to Barnes & Noble in the hope of seeing the still-as-yet-unannounced (as of early afternoon yesterday) Nook Touch with Glowlight:

And I was confronted by the first lure Barnes & Noble is using to try to get people to outnumber the tumbleweeds in its stores:

Really, would any of you make a trip every day to scan that QR Code? Even Barnes & Noble doesn’t expect that, so they also state the URL. Which kind of defeats the purpose of getting people to come to the store, no?

Ah, here I am at the Nook Touch display:

And that was it. No Glowlight version. I was not happy. He didn’t look happy, either:

I learned when I returned home that it was announced but will not ship until May, next month.

So, I started to look around. And there was an eerie quiet in that special Nook area. There was no Nook Person. In fact, he was on break. But also in fact, Barnes & Noble has usually had more than one person in the Nook area. Yesterday, it was deserted and there was a feeling of decay in the air.

Here’s evidence of that:

A Nook Touch in demo mode with its eInk screen with stuck pixels. I had never seen that before. That’s a bad sign: Someone is not paying attention.

It got worse. I saw this:

It’s not any sort of holiday, yet the Nook Touch covers were already being discounted as if it was a post-Christmas sale? What’s up with that?

Were they just making room for the next full-priced ones? These:

I thought this one clever:

Who wants a Nook TV? Look:

And then there was this, the other lure Barnes & Noble is using to try to bring people into its stores:

I don’t know if those cards are meant to be taken out of the store, so I risked a technical shoplifting charge for Science! I brought one home and scanned it for all of you to see:

Day before yesterday, everyone was weeping over how Barnes & Noble couldn’t compete with Amazon — and here inside their stores they’re discounting eBooks to half-price! Now all of you just shut up about that, OK?

Dig this:

And dig this:

Get that title? “The Nook by Barnes & Noble Book.” That is what a world run by lawyers will do.

So, after all, I did not get to see the latest Nook Touch with Glowlight. But the trip wasn’t a waste, from what I saw.

Next up, battle of street marketing with Apple versus Nokia! Click here to go to that part, if interested.

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4 responses to “Tech Fondle: Barnes & Noble

  1. Ravi

    Yeah, I don’t think B&N especially hates agency pricing (unlike Amazon), but there isn’t much evidence that they particularly like it either. They might benefit more from eliminating Apple as a competitor than they do from the extra constraints on Amazon. And they had plenty of opportunity to beat Apple to the hub position and chose not to. I do wonder how they’re pulling off the discounting and whether the in-store component of the discount plays a role.

  2. That’s a great photo: “Read between the lines … 50% off.”

  3. Nice job on those photos, Mike! As for the 50% off, any store can do that for non-Agency books. Wiese’s book is published by Charisma House, which is a Christian publisher.

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