Tech Fondles: Coby 9.7″ & Archos 8″ Tablets

All photos taken yesterday Thursday, April 12, 2012. Resampled and resized to VGA; click any to enlarge.

After a side trip to Wall Street documented in this post, I arrived at J&R. Which rearranged its tablet display. Tablets now take up a large area once used by cellphones! There’s like twenty feet of frikkin tablet display space! They’re selling just about every craptab imaginable!

And here I am, finally, with the new Coby 9.7″ Android 4.0 tablet:

My time at J&R is always constrained. If the tablet salesman could banish me, I’m sure he would. He knows I come in, ask to try, then never buy. And he really dislikes it when I pull out a camera!

These are all the pre-installed apps on the Coby:

Yep, that’s all! Wut? So there really wasn’t much to try.

I tried Aldiko. Moving from page to page was slow. I don’t know if that’s Aldiko’s usual speed because I’ve had the chance to try it in the past only on craptabs that are slow overall. But this Coby has a 1GHz CPU. I expected some snap. There was no snap. It moved at Grandma Speed.

I looked at photos in the Gallery. The speed was not breathtaking. Some of the photos there were taken with the camera on the back (yes, it exists, I saw it). I have to say those photos would look best when reduced to VGA resolution. The camera is nothing to get excited about. It’s better than not being there.

This felt slightly slower than the original iPad. And hardware-wise it felt like holding an iPad 2 made entirely of plastic.

A year ago, I would have lusted for this. Several months ago, I was excited that it was coming out. But now that I’ve seen the Retina Display on the new iPad, the Coby screen is just unacceptable to me. And I confirmed this by going upstairs to where J&R sells iPads. I saw the iPad 2 first and could tell immediately that it wasn’t Retina. Then I saw the new iPad Retina Display and had eyegasms. What I said in Twitter needs repeating:

Pixels are an irritating distraction on a screen, especially when reading. Someone needs to illustrate the problem by scanning a page of print and then scattering a pattern of dots over it.

That was it for J&R. There were no other tablets worth trying.

I crossed the street to Staples and was gobsmacked by this:

It’s that Archos 8″ Android tablet! I have never been able to see one for real. J&R has never had it out as a demo unit in the times I’ve been there (which included yesterday).

The tablet had a sad:

But first, the tag:


Ignore the moiré-like pattern there. That’s another camera sensor artifact.

What was going on? The Security Claw it was gripped by was pressing on the Volume buttons, which apparently causes it to enter a Diagnostic/Recovery Mode. And I couldn’t get it out of that. It was totally FUBARed. What a tragedy!

It felt real good in my hand:

I wish I had been able to try it for real. The PPI Calculator says it’d be just 160 ppi. That’s less than a NookColor. But still higher than the iPad 1 and 2 at 131.96. I don’t know whether or not I’d find that screen acceptable.

And that ends that. The Coby 9.7″ no longer interests me as a possible purchase and the Archo 8″ tablet has yet to get a true fondle.

My next stop was Barnes & Noble, where there were weird happenings.

Click here to go to that part, if interested.

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