Occupy Wall Street: April 14, 2012

All photos taken today Saturday, April 14, 2012 at Too Damn Early O’Clock. Resampled and resized to VGA; click any to enlarge.

People will appear tiny in these photos. I won’t crop-zoom to show faces.

Those two waking up slept on Wall Street itself.

NYPD presence but no barricades in front of Federal Hall:

Notice, however, a collection of barricades standing ready against the wall:

This is the area where Occupy was on Thursday, and I was surprised that there were so few people and that the sidewalk was wet:

But then I turned and saw across the street, against Federal Hall:

And BOOM! there they were:

Notice the wet sidewalk at their spot across from Federal Hall:

On the Federal Hall side, they go alllll the way back to the security block:

Looking towards the Exchange:

Further back:

Look what the bastards in power did:

They set up that barricade to keep Occupiers from having any shelter beneath the scaffolding! Ocuupiers will be totally exposed to the elements. And it’s supposed to rain tonight!

The sidewalk was wet from power-washing. I wonder if NYPD will ask the building owner to power-wash at unpredictable times, to harass the Occupiers? Should that happen, the National Lawyers Guild should speak to the EPA about water waste!

He’s been with Occupy since near the beginning:

The building that purports to be the engine of finance but that’s really nothing more than a rigged casino of vipers:

And look at this:

I’m standing opposite the casino:

And I turn right around and BAM!:

They are sleeping right across from it! How’s that for bringing it home?

An Occupier cannot hear:

But still he’s sleeping out there!

And that’s how it was this morning.

It will be very interesting to see what develops. I wonder how many City and NYPD attorneys are combing obscure statutes to try to end this? I wonder how many NLG lawyers are researching statutes that would allow this to remain and perhaps even expand?

I expect it to get to the courts eventually. And that will tell us all whose country this really is: Ours or those who have robbed their way to the top?

Stay tuned.

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