Rat’s Nest

Saw a tweet pass by yesterday, someone railing about the rat’s nest of wires they have.

This is mine:

Let’s see, that’s composed of:

1) Desktop PC
2) Flatscreen display
3) Cable modem
4) Router
5) Printer
6) Cables between router and modem and modem to cable TV
7) Wires for keyboard and mouse

With one plug in the surge suppressor vacant (but filled in the photo) so I can plug in my crap $10 speakers that have a cord that won’t reach the way all the others will.

With the length of wires and cables and the way they have to be run, it’s just impossible to make that neater.

That’s another reason why people buy the iPad. Who the hell wants to deal with all that? Just turn it on and use it and all it requires is one plug into an AC outlet to charge.

Anyway, I wonder why no one has never created a Rat’s Nest Tumblr.

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