McLaren Car

All photos taken this morning, Saturday April 21, 2012. Resampled and resized to VGA, click any to enlarge.

Looks like a One-Percenter’s car to me. It wouldn’t have lasted long in my Hood.

The windows were too reflective to try for shots of the inside.

According to Wikipedia, this is likely a McLaren MP4-12C.


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2 responses to “McLaren Car

  1. Just like an exotic to stick out it’s tongue when getting it’s photo taken. Never got interested in this type vehicle. Way to impractical for me. It is a nice looking machine though.

  2. Shock Me

    Very nice. I’d never buy one unless I had a place and a reason to drive fast. I’m more interested in the Chevy Volt and the Tesla Model S. Pricey but somewhat practical too.

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