Occupy Wall Street: The Lawsuit, Part Two

In the movie Miracle on 34th Street, there is this classic scene of jurisprudence:

The Judge is buried under a mountain of proof declaring Defendant Kris Kringle is Santa Claus.

I bring up that image as a metaphor of the Federal lawsuit filed by Occupy Wall Street against a variety of State and private Defendants.

If the Judge in this case were to be given every bit of evidence, every bit of proof, of the case against the Defendants — all of the photos, all of the videos, all of the eyewitness accounts, all of the contemporaneous tweets — the Judge would never be able to dig out.

That is how our world has changed due to the Internet.

It is no longer possible for public acts by public — or private — officials to go unnoticed or unpublished.

Some snippets from the filing that should make your eyes pop. Click on any to enlarge.

The violation of rules governing NYPD arrests:

What’s not mentioned and really, really, really needs to be followed is the trail of those photographs. How many have illegally wound up in the hands of Federal authorities? How many of those faces can be now be called up on a Department of Homeland Security computer as a pre-flight background check? Further, how many of those arrested might now be on a phantom No-Fly List or might be subjected to unwarranted scrutiny by on-board Air Marshalls (thus distracting their attention from possible real threats)?



That’s just one example. Every Plaintiff mentioned is a false arrest.

And outright brutality:

I don’t care what you think of Occupy or any other “enemy” — no one should be treated like that. When did this nation turn into East Germany with its own STASI?

I need to point out someone I personally witnessed in action who’s a Defendant in this suit.

This piece of work out of Central Casting for a bully is D.I. Winski:

And he is a bully:

Oh, and who was Winksi railing against when I took that photo on November 15th, 2011?

This great big threat to public safety and order:

Further for Winski:

How many times have we heard apologists of privacy-raping ask, “If you don’t have anything to hide, what are you afraid of?”

Ask that question of Winski: If he has nothing to hide, why did he target a citizen journalist?

In fact, NYPD doesn’t want any witnesses at all. On November 15th, 2011, this is what happened with me:

NYPD wanted people to keep moving. I was repeatedly told not to stand still, even when I was pausing to take a picture. I took pictures anyway. I won’t be pushed the fuck around by anyone.

And I was yelled at by another NYPD thug out of Central Casting for a bully:

This behavior is given carte blanche in the NYPD:

Appendix I of this suit is a compendium of NYPD corruption and insularity that is absolutely shocking. They have clearly become the Praetorian Class.

When I was a kid in the early 1960s, NYPD had beat cops. I knew the one in my neighborhood.

Beat cops were taken away. The requirement to live in the five boroughs was also done away with.

What we have policing New York City today is basically an army of occupation who don’t mingle with the populace. They remain isolated in patrol cars and encounter people only during an emergency or as criminals. They mostly reside in Long Island and have nothing but contempt for New Yorkers. With no allegiance to New York City whatsoever, why shouldn’t they loot it for all they can get? They hate us from bottom to top (oh yes, even you, Mayor Prickberg — and you can prove that by trying to change the NYPD; see how fast they riot!).

Their misconduct and criminal activities in recent years have resulted in a half billion dollars of monetary damages from lawsuits. This money isn’t extracted from the salaries or budget of the NYPD, nor from its pension fund. It comes from those they despise: We New Yorkers. They can get away with anything — and when they don’t, they don’t have to pay the bill. We New Yorkers do.

That’s one thing that has to change to begin with. Why should I have to sponsor the sociopathic activities of an occupying army that has no respect for the law it is supposed to obey? Close public libraries so the NYPD can brutalize and falsely arrest people? Stop that right now.

This is a document that has to be read. It’s so important that I’m hosting it right here in this post: Rodriguez-et-al-v.-Winski-et-al_COMPLAINT — click to open in your browser or Save As… for offline reading.

In addition to this suit is another, separate action: Demonstrators Request Injunction Restricting NYPD’s Use of Metal Barricades

“Injunction” — I like that word. It’s a beautiful word. That’s what the Occupy Wall Street Federal suit seeks:

I’d like to see those injunctions granted. I’d also like to see what happens to any member of NYPD who violates them and is caught red-handed on video doing so!

I’ll give the final word to a sign that was held up on November 15, 2011:

Yeah, see those Corporate Police State pieces of shit in Court.

While we still have Courts!

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