Nook Touch With GlowLight Rooted

See these two threads at XDA Developers:

[Q] Nook ST Glowlight – ready to root?

New Nook GL rooting

I’d wait until all the available rooting methods have been updated to the 1.1.5 version of Nook OS the GlowLight edition contains.

For prior posts:

B&N Nook Touch Rooting
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2 responses to “Nook Touch With GlowLight Rooted

  1. Pedro I.

    Hi. I rooted my NSTG and when try to unroot with backup discovered my backup image is useless (only 76mb), but i already formated all partitions and instaled this backup image on NSTG.
    Then, after some research, i could be able to recovery some original partitions (like ROM).
    At this moment, I´m despairingly looking for a image backup to overwrite with my nook informations (ROM).
    Please, can you share a backup image of NSTG???


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