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Once Again It’s Time To Defend The New York Public Library

The NYPL makes it easy to send a letter to a local representative at its site.

They also provide form letter text.

But I would have none of that. I deleted it and wrote this:

So once again the Mayor is trying to destroy the New York Public Library system.

After all, what does he care? He’s a rich old man who can buy anything he wants.

But for the rest of us who don’t have more than a billion dollars in the bank, the NYPL is the lifeblood of our civil society.

It provides an assortment of media for free lending and is also the place to turn to for information — because contrary to popular perception, the Internet does not have everything.

And, believe it or not, it’s also a place someone can quickly pop into when restroom facilities are needed (until CitiCorp does CitiToilet and charges five bucks for such relief).

Cutting the budget of the NYPL is an act of Bloomberg’s egobaggery that once again should be defeated.

Mayors come and go — and I will be so glad to see this one go! — but the NYPL is forever.

The sooner Prickberg is gone from office, the better.

We go through this every year now.

Meanwhile, I’d like to know what new Police State toys the NYPD will be getting in its new budget so it can continue to suppress dissent.


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