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Writer L.J. Sellers’ Amazon News

Partnering with Amazon

I’ve been sitting on this news for two weeks, and I’m ready to explode. Amazon just offered me an 11-book contract! They bought my entire backlist of nine novels, plus the next two I’ll write. They’re planning foreign translations, hardback books, digital editions etc. The motherlode. It’s so amazing, it’s still not real to me. I was quite happy being a mid-list successful indie author, but this will definitely take my career to the next level. It’s exciting to realize my work will be translated into foreign languages and to visualize my books on library shelves.

I mentioned L.J. Sellers in prior posts (see below).

This is great news for her. Congratulations!

She began with being published by a small press and decided to strike out on her own, having all rights reverted to her. It’s been an adventure watching her progress via Twitter and posts.

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