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Possible Template Bug

If you’re seeing a template malfunction on the home page of this blog, it’s a problem on the WordPress side that I can’t fix. Wait for them to sort it all out.

In the meantime, there’s no display bug when clicking on individual posts.

Ah, technology!

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Waterstones Talks Big Then Surrenders To Amazon

Here’s a lesson for you, kids. Just STFU or this can be you!

May 19, 2012: Waterstones boss poised to join the e-reader battle

Far from it. “I’m selling reading,” says Daunt, who shares my view that, from many perspectives, this is a golden age for the consumer. “We have to insinuate ourselves into the process, and we have to be seamless.” On closer examination, “seamless” turns out to mean persuading Waterstones customers to choose an e-reader (and ebooks) through a Waterstones-sponsored device. Daunt won’t say when this will happen – “it’s the bit we have to get right” – but it’s imminent. “We’ll be different from Amazon,” he says, with characteristic ebullience, “and we’ll be better.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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