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The Little Haier That Could

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That is a fascinating look at the Haier company. It’s Chinese. I thought it was German. (As it turns out, its name is inspired by German.)

Some excerpts:

Reaching the top has been Zhang’s goal since the famous day in 1984, when having just taken over the state-owned Qingdao Refrigerator Co., he cursed the terrible workmanship, lined up 76 faulty refrigerators and gave each of his 800 workers a sledgehammer to demolish the fridges on the spot.

I wonder what the workers thought of that?

Did they feel their work was wasted? Or did they always want to do better but didn’t know how? I also wonder if there might have been one worker there who felt liberated, finally seeing the shoddiness and excuses for shoddiness put to death.

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