This Is How webOS Dies

The Enyo team moves to Google

I’ve been really careful to keep my mouth shut and not say anything that would sour the chances of webOS and Enyo, but you can guess given I was one of the first rats off this leaking ship that (a) I didn’t think much of the chances of success, and (b) this announcement doesn’t surprise me one bit.

Both are true; I wanted to be wrong, but I can’t see any real future to Enyo or webOS under HP at this point, too much of the talent is gone. I’ll give HP and Meg full credit for doing whatever they could to try to make it work, but the HP culture is fundamentally broken in many ways and hostile to the words “nimble” and “innovation”, and both of those were needed for this to have any real chance of success.

My view: “it’s dead, Jim”.

I’ve been looking forward to Open webOS.

I’ve wanted to see it out there and packaged in a way that it could be installed on an Android tablet. Hey, maybe even on a Nook Touch. And other things too.

Now it seems that even if it is released, it might be too crippled or just too dead for anyone to bother with.

A couple of words about Meg…..


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