American Degeneration

Photo taken today Saturday May 26, 2012. Resized and resampled to VGA, click to enlarge.

Can you believe it?

What’s next? Outlawing hats and sunglasses so the facial recognition cameras of the Police State can database all of us as we pass them on the public streets?

How about requiring licenses for hoodies? You think the Orthodox Jews will like being told to shave off their facial hair for a good clean face-rec shot?

This shit has to stop.



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4 responses to “American Degeneration

  1. I just can’t believe an American corp would put their name on something like this. I will now leave my sunglasses and hat on whenever I enter a business now. I protest all this bullshit, I just don’t carry a sign. I seem to be doing my own thing more and more. I am getting to the point of disgust that I want my four years of my life back that I invested in this country. Sorry to have to say this on this weekend but this country is going to hell in a hand basket. The early founders would be mortified. They are probably spinning in their graves. They had a revolution over less than this. God bless us all and all the vets that gave their lives.

    • mikecane

      It was a bank. I understand their point, but still. I find it ridiculous that they’re going to suspect *everyone* — like the TSA does!

  2. In 2010 legislators passed a law in France making it illegal to cover your face in public. There is no exception for wearing religious veils. Wearing of full veils is also illegal in Belgium. I don’t know about other European states, but many people don’t seem to mind this.

  3. richfinck

    As you saw in my tweet this shit has has hit rural Amerika. This is bullshit. Stalin and Bin Laden are all smiling in their graves. Smiling you say? Absolutely. They won.

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