I Can’t Watch Cop TV Anymore

There are still people winding up at this blog searching for the Showcase TV series, King. So I thought I’d explain the lack of new posts here about it.

I’ve had to stop watching it.

One of the final episodes I saw had them capturing someone without the use of a warrant. That was just beyond the pale to me.

I watched one more episode and then could not continue.

Given the encroaching Police State that seems to be accelerating with each day, and having seen how the police really act with Occupy Wall Street, I just can no longer stomach any police dramas. They’ve gone from being interesting stories to me to propaganda.

Our rights matter. And when the police violate them, what really separates them from the bastards they’re pursuing? Nothing. And when it’s done in fiction, and we’re supposed to cheer for the cops, that’s just propaganda.

Amy Price-Francis is a star and I look forward to seeing her in something non-cop-ish. But King and all other police dramas are now struck from my viewing.

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One response to “I Can’t Watch Cop TV Anymore

  1. Important point there. It’s all too easy to lap up entertainment…and you’re right a lot of cop shows ain’t reflecting the reality.

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