This Blog Is Not Dead

The absence of new daily posts reflects a recalibration of my radar.

So much of what’s out there is just too small to motivate me into a post. And so much that’s been happening is just a remix of what’s come before. Or is boring (to me) arguing over “standards” of some sort.

I’ve already said a lot about many things. And it’s only now that others are beginning to catch up and saying the same things — only they think that no one else ever said it before. Because, you know, if they didn’t say it, who else would have been smarter and said it first, especially as early as three-four years ago?

So, I’m not going to say the same damn things again just because no one listened the first time. Screw that.

Anyway, things will inevitably pan out the way I said they would — as they have been — and now I wait for the quantum wave of the future to collapse so I can post about that three to four years ahead of everyone else.

But that’s not happening yet. Everything is flatlined right now. It’s as if the future is dead.

I’ve begun posts only to have them die mid-stream. (I just checked. WordPress says I have an incredible 124 Drafts!)

If you think this is easy, go see Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report. She missed the present! There’s not one word there about how mobile tech has swept over and thoroughly changed protest movements. Somehow what happened in Egypt, the entire Mid-East, and here in America with Occupy (and now continues in Quebec) didn’t register with her. How is that even possible? (She apparently doesn’t have a Twitter account. That might account for part of it.)

Right now there are only three Big Things I’m looking forward to this year. And they are massive quantum waves waiting to begin: Open webOS, the iPad Mini, and Windows 8 tablets. The iPad Mini will be huge. Open webOS will be interesting. And Windows 8 tablets could either change everything or kill Microsoft.

Yeah, there’s whatever TV Apple does. But fundamentally it’s still TV, with the same shit TV spews. How exciting can that be? What, telling Siri to record a movie is exciting? That will change your life? Then I have to tell you what someone should: You have a very sad life.

Overarching all of the above is the Doom I’ve been watching in too-slo-mo since 2008. Nassim Taleb’s upcoming new book is called Antifragile. Fragility is what results from trying to impose too much Order. Order has been the raison d’etre of the European Union. A collapse of the Eurozone could be spectacular — or could be shoved under the rug by the kind of crooked accounting that’s been in play by every fear-filled government since 2008. But that can’t last forever.

And even overarching all of that is the Occupy movement. It could be the quantum wave of all quantum waves. That’s all I will say about that for now.

So, that’s why posts have dropped off. Now you know.



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3 responses to “This Blog Is Not Dead

  1. john

    wow, Windows 8 tablets made your three Big Things of the year. (i musta missed some posts somewhere?) good to know that i’m not totally tone deaf, albeit you’re just as likely to be lumping MS in with Sony by the end of the year. speaking of which, i recently picked up a Sony PRS-T1 marked down to $65 at Target as they clear out their e-reader inventory. sure seems the best current release of ereader among the main four (kindle, nook, kobo, sony), for the non-rooting crowd of course. now if Sony’d just enable the alien DRM from Barnes&Noble….. long live the blog! To 2013 and beyond (hopefully)…..

    • mikecane

      I did write:

      >>>And Windows 8 tablets could either change everything or kill Microsoft.

      Android is insufficient. Windows has muscular devs (like iOS has). Win8 tablets have the implied promise of apps better than Android. We shall see.

      Yeah, as an eBook device, the Sony has features the Nook Touch lacks. OTOH, people like turning the Nook into a tablet. While the T1 can also be rooted, fewer apps work on it.

  2. randy green

    ok, now I know

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