webOS Must Be Decoupled From HP

Why the Layoffs at Hewlett Packard Could Be Just the Beginning

What really bothers us the most about HP’s current state of affairs is that the company is wading into the mobile age without a mobile strategy. How bad is HP’s mobile strategy? Well, HP effectively nuked their mobile strategy when they abandoned WebOS and opensourced it. By abandoning WebOS (remember, they got that from ‘saving’ Palm?) HP has effectively put themselves back into step one of building a mobile ecosystem. They had a plan with integrating WebOS into tablets, printers, smartphones, and even all-in-one computers but somehow that idea faltered and now they’re up a creek without a paddle.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

The situation is so above and beyond everyone else’s heads that during HP’s last earnings call the word mobile was not mentioned once during the prepared remarks nor during the Q&A session (here’s looking at you analysts). So, mobile is such a terrifying word to both HP and analysts that everyone was afraid to even say the word for fear of an answer, which we’re afraid is going to be, “We don’t know.” Where do you go after you spend $1.2 billion on a company like Palm and then effectively throw away everything you did with it? How do you explain to your investors that you spent $1.2 billion on a mobile device company and now you have no mobile devices to offer?

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

There’s only one reason why HP dumped webOS into Open Source: Free labor.

They think that after delivering it to “the people” they can sit back and later claim a proprietary interest due to whatever intellectual property still resides in it and then cash in on the work of others who cared for webOS.

That will kill webOS.

HP shouldn’t be let anywhere near it after it’s been open sourced.

I’m hoping that the Phoenix Devices group I previously mentioned will inspire hackers and developers to rally behind webOS and free it from whatever grasp HP might still have on it.

Meg Whitman and her incompetent buffoons should not be rewarded in any way for what they did to Palm and to webOS.

I hope HP sinks so low that they jump entirely dump webOS, seeing their remaining hold on it as a PR liability and nightmare.


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5 responses to “webOS Must Be Decoupled From HP

  1. Jonathan Eskind

    Except that putting it in the hands of amateurs of the mobile space will kill it immediately after HP washes their hands of it. Other than that, absolutely reasonable!

    Did I mention the whole effort is headed up by someone that has zero experience in mobile–or tech in general, for that matter? It’s literally headed by a bunch of folks that have desk jobs that have nothing to do with tech.

  2. It’ll be a miracle if anything positive comes of this. Every day it falls behind a little more. However, I am saving the Pre Plus just in case.

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