Distant Blips On The Radar

None of these require a full post but I don’t want them to go by unnoticed and uncommented.

Acer reveals sub-$200 7-inch quad-core Iconia Tab A110
What will happen to the Kindle Fire? And the Barnes & Noble NookColor and Nook Tablet? And the Kobo Vox? (Of course, no one will buy Acer. But if Acer can produce this at that price, so can others.)

Samsung invests $500K in Linux Foundation to battle iOS
Tizen isn’t going anywhere. I’m more interested in how this will affect Open webOS.

Pre to postmortem: the inside story of the death of Palm and webOS

Late January brought the unveiling of Open webOS based on open sourced modules of webOS 3.0, with the intent of releasing version 1.0 this September. As part of the effort, HP made the decision to switch to the standard Linux kernel in the hopes that it would help them “draft” off of Android by supporting the same hardware drivers, but some sources have expressed skepticism that it was a wise decision — webOS had featured significant customization at the kernel level for power management and advanced gesture support, and it’s unclear whether any of that will be lost.

I hope Meg Whitman understands that she must fulfill her commitment to Open webOS. She can’t dump it before it’s finished and she can’t dump a half-assed and essentially useless version into open source. You owe us, Whitman! (See also: webOS on The Verge)

Alleged press image drafts for the Google Nexus tablet emerge, to sport Android 4.1
Asus and Google owe Jon Ive a bottle of champagne for that design. It could well be Apple will gift them both with an injunction.

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