Is It A Nokia Death Spiral NOW?

2007: Why Does The Truth Always Come Out Too Damned Late?!!?

Apple is gonna kick Nokia’s smug and incompetent asses. Welcome to the tar pit, baby! Join the rest of the fossils, Nokia! Your death spiral began January 2007. Good riddance!

2012: Nokia to Cut 10,000 Jobs as Elop Tries to Stanch Losses

Nokia has lost more than 70 billion euros in market value since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, taking the lead in smartphone innovation.

None of you know the extent of the shit I got from Nokia fanboiz back in 2007. It’s something I will never forget.

What made it worse was seeing people who knew Nokia was peddling shit but who shut up and sold you all down the river so they could suck up to Finnish assholes in suits. I could damn well name names too. But, really, those little shits don’t matter.

What matters is that I know who they are. And my digital knife remains poised for The Day. I never have to watch my back like that for telling the truth.

Does it matter that I alienated or offended people at Nokia? Fuck no. They’ve likely been all laid off or are about to be. The truth is, they were never any damned good. Nokia’s success was a fluke of place and timing. That they could not survive the iPhone reveals and confirms that.

Windows Phone is shit. If it was any good, Nokia would not be in this position.

The only thing that can save Nokia — in a very reduced form — is a killer Windows 8 tablet, even if it’s just RT to start with. Nokia knows how to make beautiful hardware — the Lumia proves that — and they need to bring that to the tablet world.

A Lumia-styled tablet with a Zeiss-optics camera would be a product that could shake up a market that is otherwise filled with ugly industrial-like plastic and faux metal and is dominated by the iPad. They’ve had access to that Metro UI for months now. Surely there have to be software people still left there who can see how they can add value to that too. Especially those wizards who came up with that sleek UI for MeeGo.

The New New Unicorn:


Nokia needs to think of itself as a technology company, not a phone company (just as Kodak needed to see it was in the imaging business, not the film and camera business). Cut that Gordian Knot, get the hell out of that box. Your continued survival depends on it.

Update: Nokia CEO: Our Microsoft Phones Just Aren’t Selling That Well

During a conference call this morning about Nokia’s implosion, CEO and ex-Microsoftie Stephen Elop had to admit what the world already knows: Windows phones aren’t selling.

Elop blamed the people selling Nokia handsets, not Microsoft’s software.

“The challenge in all of this is breaking through the strength Android and Apple have in a retail environment,” Elop said, according to TechCrunch. “We aren’t getting the traction we prefer.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

The Metro UI is alien to what people experience with iOS and Android. People do not want to read a phone nor do they want to scroll sideways through screens to get shit done.

MeeGo was something both like iOS and Android yet also innovative. Since Nokia had to start all over anyway, they would have been in a better position betting on their own creation than Microsoft’s.

But that ship has sailed.

If I was running Nokia:

1) I’d end Windows Phone production. Whatever contracts are outstanding for a manufacturing run, I’d let expire.

2) I’d slash cheap phones to a single cheap phone. Just to keep some cash coming in.

3) I’d put all hands on deck for a killer tablet and reshape the company around a tablet-centric existence. A tablet can be used to leverage re-entry into phones later. But if Windows Phone sinks the company — and that’s what it’s been doing — there’s no chance to get out a killer tablet at all.

4) Because I know Nokia is still capable of greatness, I’d slap Microsoft back and want influence on the Windows 8 UI. It’s not good enough as-is and the MeeGo UI people should be set loose on it.

All of this is hard work, all of this is scary, but the current path is a dead end. For the entire company.

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