TV’s Endgame: No Second Season

I’m late posting this. It seems to be the final, final word:

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4 responses to “TV’s Endgame: No Second Season

  1. hotrod

    that is total shit that there will be no second season of endgame, it was a good show. why even waste the money on a first season, you all @ hulu should do another season!!!!!!

    • mikecane

      Hulu did not create or finance the show. It’s from a Canadian premium channel. It’s been well over a year since it has aired. Everyone has moved on to other projects. Type Endgame into the Search box at right to see all the prior posts here.

  2. Kelly Lively

    We need another season now!!!?!!!!!

    • mikecane

      The actors have moved on to other things. Doubtful there will ever be a new series or even a one-off TV movie. They should have given the series more time to catch on.

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