Nook Touch Hacked To Be A Classic Macintosh!

I have had an Impossible Dream: Nook Touch Macintosh: An Impossible Dream?

And then I had a hint that the dream came true: Nook Touch Macintosh Achieved?

And today the realization of that dream has been confirmed!

Flying Toasters on a Nook Touch!

Macintosh veterans will immediately recognize that classic screensaver!

And there’s more!

There is an album of thirty-nine images here. I am posting a few key ones:

Update: I see people have jumped to the conclusion that these photos are of my Nook Touch. No. These are by Mini vMac for Android user FlyingToaster, who I link to below.

From user FlyingToaster

Both 7 and 7.5 work fine but I prefer 7 because the older B/W games and stuff don’t crash as often (corrupting disk image) It’s not fun starting over.

The scaling is a little too large, if the scaling was fixed it would be 8-O 10/10!!

I use StickyClick which keeps the menus open after one click. THANK YOU to the author of that. Shatterball is fun, kinda like a modern touch game

And additional note from him:

Mini vMac II (the paid version) is WAYYYY better. Scaling works normally on the nook and 256 colors!! (grays on the nook..duh) It is fantastic! Use/play just about any mac 68k application on the nook.

And Classic notes:

For $2, its the cheapest mac with the least hassle I have ever obtained!

So there it is, finally. Proof that Mini vMac for Android can turn a Nook Touch into a Classic Macintosh.

That really does make the Nook Touch the best damned eInk device out there.

And don’t miss Renate’s Ultimate Hacked Nook Touch.

Previously here:

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17 responses to “Nook Touch Hacked To Be A Classic Macintosh!

  1. Peter

    I’m with Ian. I’ll even add an ‘F’ into there.

    If this will play “Dark Castle” or “Hellcats over the Pacific,” I am so there.

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  3. Hmm. I shouldn’t have wasted all that dough on a MacBook Air …

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  9. Hey! FlyingToaster here, Myst is now on the nook via Mini vMac II

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