Occupy Wall Street: Injustice

Bishop, priest convicted of trespassing in Occupy demonstration

A retired Episcopal bishop and a priest from the Episcopal Diocese of New York were among seven people convicted June 18 on charges of trespassing on property owned by Trinity Episcopal Church, Wall Street, during a Dec. 17 Occupy Wall Street demonstration and sentenced to four days of community service.

George Packard, former Episcopal bishop suffragan for armed services and federal ministries, and the Rev. Earl Kooperkamp, rector of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Harlem, had faced up to 90 days in prison on the most serious charge, Packard’s lawyer, Gideon Oliver, had previously told ENS.

An eighth defendant, Mark Adams, was convicted of trespassing and additional charges of attempted criminal mischief and attempted possession of burglar’s tools, reportedly for trying to use bolt-cutters to slice through the fence surrounding the property. He was sentenced to 45 days in prison on Rikers Island and taken from court in handcuffs, Oliver said in a telephone interview after the trial.

#D17 refers to the action of December 17, 2011, when Occupy briefly “occupied” the fenced-up Duarte Square site owned by Trinity Whore Church.

This was Duarte Square the morning of December 17th:

A desolate strip of gravel with low wooden faux-benches. Do you see anything there that’s in danger of being stolen or damaged?

Presiding over the trial was a judge who isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier of jurisprudence: SI judge is red ‘face’d

Facebook is fine for sharing and connecting with the people in your life — just keep it out of your courtroom.

A Staten Island judge has been quietly disciplined for using the site to “friend” lawyers who were scheduled to appear before him, The Post has learned.

Courts officials decided to move Staten Island Criminal Court Judge Matthew Sciarrino, 41, to Manhattan after some of the lawyers he linked up with on Facebook complained, sources familiar with the matter said.

“It’s just inappropriate,” said one insider familiar with the matter. “It puts the lawyer in a very uncomfortable position. If you say no, and then you have to appear before him and ask for bail. And if you say yes, that’s also awkward.”

So he actually got promoted for that. Moved from the backwater of Staten Island to Manhattan!

He also fancies himself a wit: Judge Sciarrino Makes Us LOL. Note that what’s being cited by him was yet another Occupy protest!

The District Attorney wanted thirty days. The knob in a robe tacked on fifteen additional days!

Forty-five days in prison — and for what?

Forty-five days of being locked up with career criminals, having to eat shitty food, getting bad sleep, and having to constantly watch your back.

And for what?

Trinity Whore Church can bleat all it wants about how it “tried” to help the Occupiers. The fact is, they never withdrew the charges, period.

Tell me again: How many of those who sold crooked mortgages, who bundled those crooked mortgages into flim-flam “financial instruments” went to prison?

And yet those temporarily in power can’t understand why Occupy exists?


Occupy Protesters Guilty Of Trespassing On Church Property, One Sentenced To 45 Days
Eight Defendants Found Guilty in Occupy Trespass Case

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