Video: Nook Touch Running Classic Mac OS

Here it is, the proof everyone needed to see (no audio):

Showing how the mac works on the nook. It has a few quirks, but overall it’s pretty neat. I even had Myst running the other day. I figured out eventually.. (after I made the video) that if the command key is pressed in, you can’t type anything in a game or application. Also if you notice in the darts and lemmings, the contrast is low. This can be adjusted but it takes a minute of sporadic tapping to bring up the contrast settings. This wasn’t happening in the old version of NoRefresh. Anyways, mac on a nook!

Captured on an LG Optimus V

Mini vMac II Android


XDA Developers forum: Nook touch with Mac OS

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Nook Touch Hacked To Be A Classic Macintosh!

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