Photos Of Writer Claude M. Bristol

Ah, the quantum waves do their thing today!

Out of the blue, I remembered that someone told me several months ago he had seen a photo of Claude M. Bristol — the author of the classic, The Magic of Believing — online but couldn’t remember where.

Back then, I checked both Google and Bing and still came up empty (it’s a search I would do periodically).

Something told me to go check Bing today, And, um, Bingo!

But there wasn’t just one photo. Like public transit buses, there were three at once!

Straightened and enlarged:

All of those came from this Facebook page.

I still hate Facebook.

But I love the Internet.

And Bing.

Previously here:

Claude M. Bristol: The Magic Of Believing
Phyllis Diller


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6 responses to “Photos Of Writer Claude M. Bristol

  1. Sally Anne Hubbard

    Dear Mr. Cane,
    Very nice to see pictures of Claude M. Bristol. I have a copy of The Magic of Believing and I did a search for him. I was surprised that Wikipedia did not have a page for him.
    I was also glad to hear about this being the favorite book of Liberace. I saw on older film of the life of Liberace a few years back and they did mention the book in the film.
    Kind Regards,

    Sally Anne Hubbard

    • Michael Seggie

      These pictures are from my FB page, Claude M. Bristol’s, The Magic of Believing” I worked on researching Mr. Bristol for many years I should have been credited

  2. davidd

    Well, look at that! Like you, I have periodically, perhaps once every couple of years, searched online for photos of Claude M. Bristol. I’ve owned one of the little 1930s pamphlet versions of “TNT: It Rocks the Earth” for many years, and I still consider it to be one of the most interesting books I have ever read. Little information, however, seems to be available on Bristol despite the success of his books. Thank you for posting these images. I saves me from having to navigate to Facebook. ;-)

    • 1930s pamphlet version of TNT? That’s the first I’ve heard of it. Does it pre-date the publication of The Magic of Believing? I had no idea Bristol wrote something in that vein so early.

    • Michael Seggie

      These pictures were taken from my FB page, Claude M. Bristol’s, “The Magic of Believing.”

  3. Michael Seggie

    I did all the research was not given any credit. My Facebook page, Claude M. Bristol’s, “The Magic of Believing”

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