Nexus 7 Tablet: A Remote Control For Google Cloud

The primary clue was there, with Google Play Books on the Samsung Galaxy Note. I just didn’t think it all through.

The Nexus 7 is not a tablet. Not really. It’s a remote control for the Google Cloud.

They didn’t even bother to highlight using Google Docs with it. What does that tell you?

No SD Card slot. A UI like the Kindle Fire. It’s really just Google’s version of the Kindle Fire.

People dismiss the iPad as a “consumption device.” No, this is a consumption device.

I can’t get excited by this at all.

Tim Carmody at The Verge — perhaps inadvertently? — got it in one about Google:

It’s all a question of whether Google actually cares about these businesses enough to stay focused on them.

Google, the company where many things remain in Infinite Beta. The company that tossed Wave overboard for Plus. It’s their record. Google has ADHD in its DNA.

No one has yet written about how Google has degraded the usefulness of Google Books (that’s Books; not Google Play Books, which is a commercial beast). Maybe one day I’ll get arsed enough to do that post. I seem to be the only person in the eBook world who has actually used it.

Google Books is the symbol for how little Google gives a damn about what it has touted as “important.” That they’ve degraded that to near-uselessness points to the future of the Nexus tablet and its grand Play Store strategy too.

Google is not a consumer company. It’s an advertising company.

Someone out there is going to wind up with a lemon Nexus 7. Those are just the odds of all manufacturing. That person had better post about Google’s customer service for that. I can tell you right now, it’s not going to be like Amazon’s!

And no one is going to dump their Kindle Fire and free Prime video for a Google Nexus tablet.



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