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Does Samsung Plan To Kill The Galaxy Tab 7.7?

Samsung readying 11.8-inch tablet with ‘retina’ display, say court documents

At that post, they extracted a Samsung diagram that’s ominous for 7.7 owners and potential buyers:

An X like that typically indicates a product will be discontinued.

Since Apple has managed to get the Galaxy Tab 7.7 banned throughout the European Union, Samsung probably figures the market for it has been reduced too much for their investment to pay off.

Samsung already quietly discontinued its Galaxy Tab 8.9.


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I Rewrite Apple’s Annoying Genius Ads

Well, I scragged the Siri ones and everyone seems to be piling on these atrocious Genius ads now too:

On Apple’s new ads — the best take
Why Apple’s new ads look like Microsoft made them
New Mac ads: landing with a serious thud
Apple Genius Ads Actually Pretty Stupid

Apple again misses the mark.

What’s the point of these ads?

Let me tell you what the point should be:

1) Why does Apple have Geniuses if Apple is so “simple”?
2) What can a Genius do for you?
3) Where can you find an Apple Genius?

The ads fail in all three respects.

Also, the entire reason to have a Genius on staff is to show that Apple has your back.

I got so pissed off, I wrote my own.

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#NBCFAIL Now FAILs Even Bigger

NBC’s No. 1 Tweeting Critic Has Been Suspended From Twitter

A Twitter support staffer informed him that it was the last Tweet that did Adams in—for “posting an individual’s private information.” The address he posted was Zenkel’s corporate address, which can easily be figured out by Googling how NBC makes its addresses.

That tweet can be seen here.

Is Twitter for real?

I’ve followed several Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street Twitter accounts for months now.

From time to time, those accounts have tweeted:

1) Email address of specific people at corporations
2) DOXed private cellphone numbers
3) Links to pastebin DOX revealing home addresses

And none of those accounts were ever suspended. I guess it’s because no one was crybaby or stupid enough to complain Twitter?

Except for NBC, which thinks in the 21st century email addresses are still highly secretive and mysterious things that people can’t, you know, figure out on their own?

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Google Will Screw Writers, But Not Studios

Google says book scanning didn’t cost authors a single sale

Google also cites evidence suggesting that online book discovery helps authors sell more copies. It quotes literary agency William Morris as claiming that “inclusion in Google Books is a fair use and not detrimental to the copyright owner in any way” and points to the Authors Guild’s own suggestion that writers make a chapter of their book freely available on the internet.

Then why doesn’t Google digitize all TV, movies, and video and put them up on Google Video Search?

Because the studios would sue their asses into oblivion.

Yet they dare use that argument for books.

Because it’s easy to screw writers.

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Assorted Notes: Strangleholds And Elites

The Mac App Store’s future of irrelevance — Apple trying to morph the Mac into an iPad-like appliance could either be a huge mistake or a huge success. At the very least, it’s their biggest gamble. How many current Mac owners will put up with sandboxed apps, crippling or obliterating functionality they’ve depended on? Where will those Mac owners turn for an alternative?

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Apple’s Awful Non-Apple TV Ads

Something awful appeared on my TV last night. It was this:

[Update Monday June 24, 2013: The below video was from the official Apple YouTube account. It was made private. I’ve embedded one that’s public from another user.]

These new Apple ads featuring celebrities are so off the mark that I don’t understand how anyone approved them.

This is what most people think when they see celebrities in a TV ad:

1) Has-been who needs the money

2) Whore who will do anything for money

3) This company has nothing to say to anyone

And seriously, Martin Scorsese? How many people would recognize him? I bet most young people looking at that ad wondered why Apple was showing some grandfather using his iPhone.

What the hell is the point of these ads? To show me what lives celebrities lead? That celebrities are so stupid that they’re dependent on voice technology? That they can’t type? What does any of that have to do with selling Siri to the average American, the customer Apple has previously addressed in its ads? How does Siri connect to what customers need to get done every day?

To me, these ads are the first indication of Apple jumping the tracks after the death of Jobs. I only hope this damage is limited to marketing and isn’t to the soul of the company itself.


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Nexus 7 Appears In Staples Flier

Today, Sunday July 22:

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Five Photos Of Crazy Gas Prices

I’ve been a slacker, letting hard drive space problems put me behind in posting in this series.

And I didn’t take photos on Friday and Saturday when I passed by, which was a big mistake. Because including today, each day had a different price.

Anyway, here we go with five photos of crazy gas prices.

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Do You Have This Wicked Urge To Go Shoot Many People? I Have Some Advice For You.

I woke up this morning to the news of a massacre.

A large group of people gathered to have a good time.

None of them ever expected they would wind up traumatized for life, wounded, or dead.

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New Nook Tablet With New Pixel Qi Screen?

B&N prepping new 7-inch tablet with ‘revolutionary screen technology’

Now we’re getting word from a credible source that Barnes & Noble, a 7-inch pioneer with its Nook Color and Nook Tablet, is set to bring out a new 7-inch model that features “revolutionary screen technology.”

The source, who’s proven reliable in the past, wouldn’t elaborate on the specifics of that technology but said that it was developed in-house by Barnes & Noble (with the help of “another company”) and had not been seen in another product before.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I think it’s Pixel Qi.

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