Even The Unpublished Can Be Pirated

BLOG: The Transgression of Brother Willeford

I was reminded again of Charles Willeford‘s Grimhaven.

It’s an unpublished Hoke Moseley novel and if you don’t want it spoiled, don’t click on that link at top.

At Wikipedia, Grimhaven is described thusly:

Grimhaven (unpublished).

Photocopy of typescript maintained in the Charles Willeford Archive at the Broward County Library, Florida; 212 leaves, no date: “NOTE: as per Betsy Willeford [widow of the author]: ‘Ms. of the “black Hoke Mosely” [sic], never published, sold to a small but ruthless group of collectors in the form of Xerox copies. May not be copied in the library by patrons who’ll wholesale it on the Internet.'” Originally intended as the second Hoke Moseley novel.

How quaint! “Xerox copies.”

Less than five minutes after starting a search, this:

The Internet always wins.



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4 responses to “Even The Unpublished Can Be Pirated

  1. Tennyson

    where did you find this? I can’t find it anywhere. please help if you can.

  2. pj

    damn it ! i guess all the bootlegs have been wiped offf the web?

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