Photos: Adding To The iPad Mini Debate

Update October 24, 2012: Don’t waste your time here. These photos show an earlier hypothetical iPad Mini that does not have the same dimensions as the actual one.

I’ve always said that an iPad Mini would be just about the same size as the Pandigital Novel or Cruz Reader, two crappy Android tablets with a 4:3 screen size:

And now that I have a paper iPad Mini, I can get a better sense of what such a device is like compared to others.

Of course I bring you photos!

iPad Mini versus Samsung Galaxy Tab (first generation):

And one over the other:

Next to the original Barnes & Noble Nook eBook reader:

Next to the Sony Reader 505 (second generation model):

The iPad Mini would be the absolute perfect size for me, for the hundreds of Google Books PDFs I have. Those old books have paper page sizes that are just about the same size as the iPad Mini screen.

Here is my test Success: A Novel [or Google Docs link] Google Books PDF on the original Nook (courtesy of a reader):

With the margins, a six-inch screen is too small (and no, I don’t want to dick around with something like Briss to shave margins).

Here it is on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7:

I’ve stared at that photo all this week because it’s perfect.

And iPad Mini would be perfect for that too!

I’m not sure how that PDF would work on the new Nexus 7. It has the same 1280×800 resolution of the 7.7, but in a 7″ screen as narrow as the original Galaxy Pad 7″.

At some point I will have to revisit the Verizon Store and get a pic of my paper iPad Mini next to the 7.7 (unless, cough, @stroughtonsmith can do that at home! — in which case I will just add it to this post, below).


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2 responses to “Photos: Adding To The iPad Mini Debate

  1. I’m guessing the Nexus 7 will display the PDF precisely as does the GT 7.7, only a bit smaller. I have no idea how good or bad your eyes are to say whether that would work for you, but it sure looks to me like the text would get too small to comfortably read. Then again, the text looks too small on the 7.7 as well. Ultimately, you must really be looking forward to the day when everything you want to read is in a reflowable format.

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