iPad Mini: I Still Say FAKE!

iPad Mini drawings reveal design details: 7-inch screen, thin design, and 19 pin connector confirmed

New iPad Mini Leaks Show Detailed Measurements

And I still say FAKE!

I am not going to believe any of these leaks until I see something that convinces me these originate from Apple.

I am so far not convinced.

I think these are pipedreams from Chinese case manufacturers.

Does everyone have memories so bad that they can’t recall just last year?

See this: WHOA: Did This Accessory Maker Just Leak The iPhone 5 Design? [PHOTOS]*

And see this: The nine most-revealing iPhone 5 case leaks

Everyone was so damn certain we’d get an iPhone 5 with a “teardrop” shape and “edge-to-edge screen.”

And what did we wind up with?

The iPhone 4s!

So no.

I will continue to stand here and say, NO! NO! NO! All of you are wrong!

It will be the paper iPad Mini and nothing other than that.

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