New Nook Tablet With New Pixel Qi Screen?

B&N prepping new 7-inch tablet with ‘revolutionary screen technology’

Now we’re getting word from a credible source that Barnes & Noble, a 7-inch pioneer with its Nook Color and Nook Tablet, is set to bring out a new 7-inch model that features “revolutionary screen technology.”

The source, who’s proven reliable in the past, wouldn’t elaborate on the specifics of that technology but said that it was developed in-house by Barnes & Noble (with the help of “another company”) and had not been seen in another product before.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I think it’s Pixel Qi.

Better than iPad 3 Displays: Next Generation Pixel Qi screens

We’ve seen Mirasol displays. We’ve seen past Pixel Qi screens. No one has yet seen that Pixel Qi screen and no one has yet used it. And since B&N wants to continue to focus on reading, only that screen would fit the bill.

The new Nook Tablet would have to smoke the new Nexus 7 in performance, though. But given how Nvidia wants to spread the Tegra 3 chip far and wide, it’s probably likely to be a speed improvement on the Nexus 7. The question then becomes, does the new screen come at a premium price? B&N has to stay within the $199-$249 price range now. Only an iPad Mini could go above that new pricing floor.



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3 responses to “New Nook Tablet With New Pixel Qi Screen?

  1. Peter

    Agreed. Also, Barnes and Noble and Pixel Qi tried to work together before.

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