StyleTap Puts PalmOS On Android

StyleTap for Android

So finally a method comes along that pushes me closer to dumping my ancient and heavy and now-sketchy LifeDrive (yes, I got it to work again, by duct-taping the On/Off slider and using software to turn if off!).

I’ve asked StyleTap via Twitter if this will run on Android Jelly Bean on the Nexus 7. No reply yet.

I also wonder what this looks like on a large screen. Can it be enlarged or is it a very small 320×320 (or 320×480) view lost on a 1280×800 or 1280×600 screen?

At any rate, courtesy of @webOSquire, after the break two screensnaps of it running on his new Samsung Galaxy SIII phone.

Hmmmm… the Galaxy SIII is a 1280×720 screen and it’s filling it. That could mean it’d do the same on a 7″ screen.

Update: He has done his own post now too. App Review: StyleTap Platform for Android


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