Five Photos Of Crazy Gas Prices

I’ve been a slacker, letting hard drive space problems put me behind in posting in this series.

And I didn’t take photos on Friday and Saturday when I passed by, which was a big mistake. Because including today, each day had a different price.

Anyway, here we go with five photos of crazy gas prices.

On Saturday June 23, 2012, my last post recorded a price of $3.95/gallon.

On June 29th, it dropped to $3.93:

On Wednesday July 4th, it dropped to $3.89:

On Saturday, July 7th it began to go up again, to $3.95:

On Saturday July 14th it was again up, to $3.99:

And today, July 22nd, it became $4.11:

(Those of you looking at the photo filenames might be confused. Ignore them. They are off by one.)

On Friday, the price was $3.99. On Saturday, it became $4.05. Now today’s it’s $4.11! A whopping twelve-cent increase in three days!

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One response to “Five Photos Of Crazy Gas Prices

  1. Yes, I noticed the larger increases earlier in one of your posts. This past week here in PA it went up 10 cents in one day. Morning to afternoon. The increases used to be in the cents range. Not anymore. Oh, when I talk prices I use regular as no one around here uses mid, or super grade gas. Some hot rods do but most jelly bean, sedan, daily drivers use regular. OBTW, I paid $3.49 on friday. I also noticed that 15 miles to the west of me gas was 9 to 10 cents more. Same brand, same oil company.

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