Apple’s Awful Non-Apple TV Ads

Something awful appeared on my TV last night. It was this:

[Update Monday June 24, 2013: The below video was from the official Apple YouTube account. It was made private. I’ve embedded one that’s public from another user.]

These new Apple ads featuring celebrities are so off the mark that I don’t understand how anyone approved them.

This is what most people think when they see celebrities in a TV ad:

1) Has-been who needs the money

2) Whore who will do anything for money

3) This company has nothing to say to anyone

And seriously, Martin Scorsese? How many people would recognize him? I bet most young people looking at that ad wondered why Apple was showing some grandfather using his iPhone.

What the hell is the point of these ads? To show me what lives celebrities lead? That celebrities are so stupid that they’re dependent on voice technology? That they can’t type? What does any of that have to do with selling Siri to the average American, the customer Apple has previously addressed in its ads? How does Siri connect to what customers need to get done every day?

To me, these ads are the first indication of Apple jumping the tracks after the death of Jobs. I only hope this damage is limited to marketing and isn’t to the soul of the company itself.



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10 responses to “Apple’s Awful Non-Apple TV Ads

  1. You’re right. Jobs would have never approved questionable celebrity ads were he still alive.

    • mikecane

      Touche. But notice that commercial is actually informative. I don’t think these celeb-filled Siri ads are at all.

  2. Shock Me

    It strikes me that these ads have two problems:

    The celebrity overshadows the product.
    The script of the commercial isn’t the least bit engaging or funny.

    The only one of these that works at all is the one with Samuel Jackson.

    I was much more a fan of the previous series of Siri ads where they had normal people in them.

  3. Bob Barker

    Bitter much? WOW! While many young ones may not know Scorcese by face they’ll certainly know of him by asking, “Who’s that old fart?”, to which another might reply, “He’s the guy that directed that five-time Oscar winning, $184,707,636 grossing movie called “Hugo” (a film, by the way, that Scorcese reinvented himself with). That ought to bring SOME relevancy to him being in a commercial.

    And then there’s that other Siri commercial with that HAS-BEEN, Zooey Deschanel. Zooey Deschanel…has-been…right.

    Samuel Jackson? The coolest Jedi of them all! Who is he speaking to? Perhaps the people too young to know one of the coolest film directors of them all.

    As for John Malkovich? I’ll give you that one.

    Now, to be able to add and rearrange your schedule on your phone…with your voice?? Sorry but that’s ONE example showing how a verbal interface ROCKS, is much faster and easier to do than multi-touch. But hey, if you’re so pissed about their commercials, thinking they show how sad your life is in comparison to theirs (Jackson is DEFINITELY getting laid tonight), I have a Palm Pilot in a drawer somewhere you can have. Perhaps it will be a little less threatening to you?

    As for Apple using celeb endorsements only after Jobs passed away? Their “switch” ads from ten years ago used some celebs such as Yo Yo Ma, WILL FERREL, Tony Hawk (he was HUGE at the time)…and then let’s not forget Steve’s VERY FIRST ad they aired after he came back. It is LOADED with celebrities!

    • mikecane

      As other Commenters have pointed out, I’ve totally forgotten past Apple TV ads that included celebrities. But it still seems to me these Siri ones are awful, even compared to the older ones.

      • pkadamAdamChew

        Mike, Apple is out to bring awareness to Siri and they think using celebrities is one of the ways to do it.

        Most of us know Siri is a hit or miss thing and the way they portray it in the ads as if it is a sure thing.

        Who knows what are the vested interests there, it may be a great hit one day as it gets better or it could be the other way.

    • john

      ‘hey man, nice shot,’ but…..geez, commenting negatively on ads within your own blog is one thing, responding by casting aspersions like referencing “your sad life” is another……

  4. Mike, a recent survey has shown that these celebrity ads are the highest rated with viewers.

    But Apple can’t please everyone. ;-)

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