Google Will Screw Writers, But Not Studios

Google says book scanning didn’t cost authors a single sale

Google also cites evidence suggesting that online book discovery helps authors sell more copies. It quotes literary agency William Morris as claiming that “inclusion in Google Books is a fair use and not detrimental to the copyright owner in any way” and points to the Authors Guild’s own suggestion that writers make a chapter of their book freely available on the internet.

Then why doesn’t Google digitize all TV, movies, and video and put them up on Google Video Search?

Because the studios would sue their asses into oblivion.

Yet they dare use that argument for books.

Because it’s easy to screw writers.


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One response to “Google Will Screw Writers, But Not Studios

  1. The way ahead for writers is:

    (1) Write your books in long hand.

    (2) Photocopy them.

    (3) Sell them – but only to people you choose. Would be readers have to seek permission to buy from you. You vet them. And you turn some people down. You are elite. Your books are only available to the select few. No one from Google can buy them….and your books are at least $100 per copy.

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