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#NBCFAIL Now FAILs Even Bigger

NBC’s No. 1 Tweeting Critic Has Been Suspended From Twitter

A Twitter support staffer informed him that it was the last Tweet that did Adams in—for “posting an individual’s private information.” The address he posted was Zenkel’s corporate address, which can easily be figured out by Googling how NBC makes its addresses.

That tweet can be seen here.

Is Twitter for real?

I’ve followed several Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street Twitter accounts for months now.

From time to time, those accounts have tweeted:

1) Email address of specific people at corporations
2) DOXed private cellphone numbers
3) Links to pastebin DOX revealing home addresses

And none of those accounts were ever suspended. I guess it’s because no one was crybaby or stupid enough to complain Twitter?

Except for NBC, which thinks in the 21st century email addresses are still highly secretive and mysterious things that people can’t, you know, figure out on their own?


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