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Does Samsung Plan To Kill The Galaxy Tab 7.7?

Samsung readying 11.8-inch tablet with ‘retina’ display, say court documents

At that post, they extracted a Samsung diagram that’s ominous for 7.7 owners and potential buyers:

An X like that typically indicates a product will be discontinued.

Since Apple has managed to get the Galaxy Tab 7.7 banned throughout the European Union, Samsung probably figures the market for it has been reduced too much for their investment to pay off.

Samsung already quietly discontinued its Galaxy Tab 8.9.


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I Rewrite Apple’s Annoying Genius Ads

Well, I scragged the Siri ones and everyone seems to be piling on these atrocious Genius ads now too:

On Apple’s new ads — the best take
Why Apple’s new ads look like Microsoft made them
New Mac ads: landing with a serious thud
Apple Genius Ads Actually Pretty Stupid

Apple again misses the mark.

What’s the point of these ads?

Let me tell you what the point should be:

1) Why does Apple have Geniuses if Apple is so “simple”?
2) What can a Genius do for you?
3) Where can you find an Apple Genius?

The ads fail in all three respects.

Also, the entire reason to have a Genius on staff is to show that Apple has your back.

I got so pissed off, I wrote my own.

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